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Basic gardening equipment includes:. Shop yard and estate sales for bargains on real metal tools, or visit your local garden center. Get tools that are the right size for you to reduce the risk of injury. Good tools will save time and effort, and your back. Keep tools clean and sharp, just like you should treat a good knife. Before you start building your garden beds or planting, you need to know something about your soil. Is your soil acidic, alkaline or neutral pH? Do you have sand, clay, silt, rocks, or a mix of all four?

Is there a risk of soil contamination from nearby structures, roadways or other sources? Does it have a good amount of basic nutrients? Some of these characteristics can be determined just from looking at the soil. Others may require home tests or professional lab tests. For instance, lead contamination from old house paint or nearby roadways with heavy traffic is a problem in some areas. Most garden crops prefer soil with a pH around 7 neutral , although some like conditions that are slightly acidic potatoes, for instance or slightly alkaline brassicas.

Balanced nutrient levels are also important, as is the presence of organic matter. In the U. Most plants prefer a deep, well-drained, fertile soil rich in organic matter. Each year I add a combination of different types of organic matter, including compost, worm castings and mulch. To learn which plants grow best directly seeded in the garden and which plants are better as transplants, visit the seed starting calendar. Starting your own transplants is a great way to save money, too. Most seed packets and transplant containers come with basic planting instructions.

Just give it a try and you can learn the rest as you go. Depending on the size of your plantings, time requirements may range from a few minutes per day to a full time job. A rule of thumb for watering is that plants need around one inch of water per week during the growing season.

Over watering is as bad as under watering, so always check the soil before turning on a tap or hitting the rain barrels. Soil that is too wet can cause seeds and roots to rot. Foliar feeds like compost tea can be added to give plants extra nutrition and a dose of healthy microbes while watering. Bugs are more attracted to plants that are stressed or in some way deficient, so if you have healthy, well-nourished plants, your pest problems should be minimal.

For more detailed information on controlling everything from slugs to rabbits, check out Natural Pest Control in the Garden. As crops mature, make sure to harvest promptly for best quality. Pick beans and peas every two to three days. Harvest sweet corn when cobs are well filled out and silk is dark.

Harvest tomatoes and peppers green, or allow them to ripen to full sweetness and flavor. Flavor is typically at a peak when the morning dew has cleared, but before the afternoon heat has settled in. Sample and decide what tastes best to you. I usually try a crop for at least three years before I give up on it, because different varieties grow best under different conditions. Gardening is also good for your health. It can fight depression, reduce stress and improve your diet.

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Vegetable Gardening For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Excellent advice! I think you covered everything in one post, well done! Great post! Thanks for sharing. Excellent article for beginners out there who want to start gardening. Thanks for sharing a great post.

A Beginner's Guide to Vegetable Gardening

After growing up in a family that gardened, your post hit all the top points on starting a garden! Thank you for all the steps and advices.. Helpful and thoughtful! In my my opinion, one of the main factors that any new gardeners need to concentrate on is the soil. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order.

How to Start a Garden – 10 Steps to Gardening for Beginners

May 20, Trish rated it really liked it. Going to have an awesome garden next summer ;. Jan 24, Nece rated it it was amazing. So many other books assume you already know all of the gardening terms. I have read and referred to this book countless times since I started gardening. It is a must-have for anyone who's just getting started or for anyone who'd like a well-organized reference book on veggie gardening. Apr 23, Jennifer Ware rated it really liked it Shelves: house-and-garden.

View 1 comment. Mar 18, Lisa rated it really liked it Shelves: nonfiction-gardening.

Organic Vegetable Gardening For Beginners – 7 Tips

This is a good guide to learn about vegetable gardening. I have actually read this book several times. It's very helpful for getting started the first time, or just for getting ready for Spring. Feb 11, La Fay rated it really liked it. Lots of practical advice for those who either have no gardening experience or just need a bit of a refresher. Easy to read and understand. Jun 06, Ryan rated it liked it. May 02, Rachel rated it really liked it. This was just the book I was looking for to help me start my veggie garden!

Book was as expected, a general reference guide to vegetable gardening. Nothing profound or very entertaining in here but it is useful which is the point after all. Dec 21, Paula Larry rated it it was amazing.

A Complete Guide to Digging & Planting Your First Vegetable Garden: Tomatoes, Peppers & Herbs

Just what this dummy needed lol. Apr 05, Brad rated it it was ok.

The Five S’s of Vegetable Gardening Success

Well written and there is a lot of helpful information but there is more and better information for free online, especially location specific information. Save the money and Google it! Very good book for beginner gardeners. Mar 06, Hom Sack rated it it was amazing. April 6th average last frost date , here goes my square feet garden.

Noah rated it really liked it Feb 20, Kyle Meredith rated it it was amazing Oct 25, Pam Fandrich rated it really liked it Jan 02, Heather rated it liked it Mar 01, Simon Engwerda rated it really liked it Jul 16, BOogs BarbOsa rated it it was amazing Dec 08, Mrdonz rated it liked it Jul 11, Stephanie rated it it was amazing Jul 04, Brynne Vaughn rated it really liked it Apr 15, Sean B Whitworth rated it really liked it Dec 25,