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Professor Sergey Karaganov argues that the current state of international relations can be characterized as a new Cold War with Eurasia emerging as its major battlefield and at the same time as a second, non-Western pole of a new confrontation. A new article by Prof. How to move from distrusting everything around you to new mutually beneficial alliances and partnerships?

Can we achieve it in Eurasia? The participants of the St. The meeting saw the participation of representatives of the Russian President, members of government, and members of the Russian Federal Assembly.

The switch to small wars

Governmental awards were given to a number of HSE employees for their tremendous accomplishments. Karaganov together with other representative of School of international economics and foreign affairs of HSE took part in 14th Annual meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi on October Karaganov co-authored with PhD students of the school D. Novikov and K. The article focuses on provisional results and perspectives of the Russian foreign policy. The International Congress on Russia and Spain: Politics, Economics, Culture was the first to bring together leading Russian researchers on Spain and Spanish scholars representing various fields of the social sciences and humanities.

The new article of S. Interdisciplinary research and education in economics and international politics are the trademark of the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs at HSE. The article of Professor S. His candidacy was proposed by Council head Mikhail Fedotov. According to Prof. Some of them intend to connect their future career with Russia, already having ideas to establish joint ventures here.

This is the only summer school of this kind held in Russia. The event is organized by Tsinghua University. On June 15 S. Participants discussed the middle-team strategies the common economic space development, prospects of the Russia-Europe partnership in the Continent and geopolitics.


On June 1 S. Top political scientists, sociologists and economists, government officials and businessmen will discuss the burning issues we are facing today; should we take the path of international integration, how can we resolve the current economic crisis and where should we look for new drivers of economic growth?

Andrei Yakovlev and Fuad Aleskerov told the HSE news website about what novelties and special events the conference has in store. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an executive order on recognizing almost Russians for their achievements in the workplace, many years of conscientious work, and active role taken in society. A total of 15 Russian and 12 Chinese students are taking part in the summer school.

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The summer school, whose working language is English, is intended for undergraduate and graduate students from Russia and China that are interested in international relations. Sergey Karaganov will serve as Dean of the Faculty.

Soviet Strategic Culture

Both scholars and musicians will tell you that learning is a lifetime affair. The event featured Freshman Day, an alumni reunion, and an outdoor lecture centre, as well as many humorous competitions for students and anyone wanting to participate. After the event he gave a lecture on the history, problems and dynamics of the bilateral politics of Germany and Russia. On September 29th the first lecture in the cycle of meetings of top-managers of the largest in Europe gas company E. ON Ruhrgas AG, told us about this lecture course.

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Candidate of Sciences allows its holders to reach the level of the Associate Professor. International affiliations — Co-Chairman together with D. Since — Chairman of the Valdai Discussion Club. Since — Vice Chairman, than Chairman of the Presidium of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy — a private organization of heads of business associations, prominent politicians, leading figures in the military, foreign policy, media and culture, etc. Relations between Russia and the West in political, economic, and defense spheres. New epoch. Publications 63 Article Karaganov S.

April Conference: Speakers – Russia and Eurasia Program

Enlivened by brilliantly wrought pen portraits, this gripping narrative adds a whole new perspective on one of the most fateful periods in world history. The Marshall Plan is a remarkably insightful and beautifully written work of diplomatic and economic history. This book will open eyes and minds. Engaging, detailed, and well-researched, it takes us behind closed doors in both Europe and the United States, illuminating how the plan was created and how it changed the world.

It also sheds light on how open mindsets and intelligent economic architecture can help anchor an increasingly fluid and uncertain global economy. In this fascinating book, Benn Steil returns to one of the enduring achievements of American diplomacy: the Marshall Plan to rebuild European allies that were close to collapse after World War II.

A lucid and engaging writer, Steil has a rare gift for blending economic and political history, showing how the Marshall Plan dashed Soviet hopes that the United States would retreat from Europe. At a time when the radical Trump administration is trashing American alliances around the globe, this book is a powerful reminder of how hard it was to build them, and how dangerous the world can be without them. Compelling and authoritative, The Marshall Plan is a first-rate work of history. But it also bears powerfully on the present, reminding us that if soft power is the power to attract, the Marshall Plan is a stunningly successful example of it.

In the end, the right choices were made, first in developing the Marshall Plan providing economic support for economically devastated European allies, and then building in NATO a strong Western military alliance.


Here we are seventy years later in very different circumstances, economic and military. The United States and its allies are strongly challenged to find new approaches to renewing the alliances. May our leaders benefit from the practical wisdom and ideas of seventy years ago. The Marshall Plan is one of the great success stories of U. The moral for our era is clear: successful foreign policies require creative and dedicated public servants and do not emerge without them. The Marshall Plan has become a favorite analogy for policymakers.

Yet few know much about it. Finally, Benn Steil provides a readable, authoritative account of what it was, what it did, and what it achieved. And how smart policy and strategy, well executed, can pay dividends for decades to come. Lively and engaging. United States. Blog Post by James M.

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Lindsay September 19, The Water's Edge. Grand Strategy. Blog Post by Stewart M. Patrick August 26, The Internationalist. Patrick July 22, The Internationalist. Backgrounder by Jonathan Masters August 12, In Brief by Brad W.

Dawn of the Cold War

Setser August 8, Women and Economic Growth. Skip to main content. Remarkably insightful and beautifully written. The Marshall Plan Book Launch. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email. Financial Times This is a gripping, complex, and critically important story that is told with clarity and precision. Melvyn Leffler, Foreign Affairs Painstakingly researched and well-written. A resounding success. Financial History [A] refreshingly heterodox new history. Washington Times An excellent new book. Telegraph [An] excellent new book. American Thinker The Marshall Plan is a very good book, driven by a compelling narrative with excellent profiles of complicated, impressive people and institutions.

Washington Diplomat Benn Steil has read widely and used archives in both Europe and the USA to write what many will consider to be the definitive history of the Marshall Plan. Total Politics Steil has a gift for historical narrative. BookPage Benn Steil. American Interest Historian Benn Steil expertly moves through the story of how and why the United States abandoned isolationism at the end of World War II, also delineating the impact of that decision on our world today. USA Today It is hard to overstate the importance of [Steil's] subject to postwar history, because Marshall sowed the seeds of the creation of the European Union, and more immediately led to the establishment of Nato.

Sunday Times A triumph. Daniel F. Diane Coyle, Enlightened Economist A must read. Publishers Weekly [An] important examination of the Marshall Plan. Booklist Benn Steil has made clarifying complex subjects a specialty: first with his well-received Battle of Bretton Woods , and now with this comprehensive history of the Marshall Plan. John Lewis Gaddis, Robert A. Gary J. Fredrik Logevall, Laurence D. Graham T.

Alberto Prina Cerai, Pandora [An] immensely erudite book.